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I’m Going Hiking With The Video Camera

Before you set out to go hiking you need to know some facts that just may save your life or make you a very rich person. When you go hiking take your video camera because back in the 1990’s these three college students took their camera hiking with them and they made a fortune with […]

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The Importance of Data Protection in Disaster Recovery

When one speaks of disaster recovery, the most common and primary thing that comes to mind is fiscal recovery. Questions like “how will the company survive after an earthquake leveled a major business center in the country?”, “how will the company move on with the loss of a key officer?” and “how can the company […]

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Disaster Recovery Plan – Preventing Massive Data Loss

Have you ever experienced losing something of a massive scale? How about experiencing software crash in your office? How about losing your most treasured collection of mp3s and images after a malware or computer virus bugged down your PC’s hard disk? Well most companies actually don’t mourn on the loss of one of their major […]

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