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What These Women Endure Is Almost Unfathomable. But Wait Til You See Why… OMG.

Although there are many people throughout the world who don’t believe this, women are just as capable as men. Perhaps a female’s body structure requires different training in order to become strong, but that doesn’t mean they are NOT strong. Take these Chinese body guards for example. They are all women and they are all incredibly fierce. […]

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Here Are 19 Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Mess With Nature. It’s a Beautiful Yet Brutal Thing.

These 19 amazing photographs taken during or after natural disasters show the destructive power of mother nature. From stunning pictures of supercell thunderstorms in the US to volcanic eruptions in Iceland, these images truly are breathtakingly awesome. They also happen to be very, very brutal. 1) Eyjafjallajokull volcano eruption, 2010 (Iceland) 2) Landslide destroys Highway […]

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